Descendants of Andrew Gawn, Halftown, Co. Antrim:
Born 1777


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Elizabeth Gawn

Daughter of Andrew Gawn
Born December 5, 1820 at Halftown, Co. Antrim
Lived at Halftown and Barnice, Co. Antrim
Died April 7, 1906 at Barnice, Connor, Co. Antrim
Buried in Kells graveyard, Co. Antrim


John Bell
Born 1819 at Connor, Co. Antrim
Died November 24, 1907 at Barnice, Co. Antrim
Buried in Kells graveyard, Co. Antrim


January 6, 1845 in 1st Donegore Presbyterian Church, Parkgate, Co. Antrim


John Bell born October 24, 1845

Andrew Bell born September 10, 1847

Margaret Bell born August 1, 1849

Agnes Bell born July 28, 1852

William James Bell born March 21, 1854

George Bell born March 16, 1857

Sarah Elizabeth Bell born February 22, 1859

David Bell born March 14, 1861

Thomas Bell born June 1, 1863

Martha Jane Bell born June 14, 1865

Robert Gawn Bell born May 27, 1867




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